I was born in the North East of the United States and transplanted at a young age to the United Kingdom. I was raised by parents from one culture and educated in the system of another. Being a third culture kid has given me the opportunity to adopt all ‘the best bits’ of each culture’s approach – The American spirit of you can do anything just go for it along with the British propensity for circumspection and refinement.

My life revolves around looking and seeing – pattern, colour, texture, contrast, harmony, dynamics. Seeing overlooked beauty in nature and in the manmade world. Finding inspiration wherever it presents itself.

I love being an artist. Having an artist’s eyes and brain. Having the ability to see potential in the mundane. I wonder what else might keep me happy, energized and at peace all at the same time? I love that I can see beauty in imperfection. I love that in my darkest moments I can look to nature and feel uplifted and calm.

Teaching allows me to express my creative self through designing projects and sharing the creative process. Young people are so open to what might be. We have fun challenging the norm and discussing what might be. We share techniques and help each other to overcome fears and find our own paths. It is both exciting and challenging. There is a real joy in watching young people reach their potential.

Teaching allows me to pass on my love of the creative process.

Being an artist allows me to live it.